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Fully Certified Legal Aerial Photo & Video

March 2, 2018 - Uncategorized - , , , , , , ,

Idaho Media Solutions is proud to announce that we are fully certified legally to fly anywhere in the Treasure Valley. Before you hire a drone pilot, photographer, videographer you need to makes sure of three things. First, they need to hold a current UAS Pilots License, second, they need to have a FAA Waiver to fly within the BOI Airport class C airspace, which covers all of Boise and extends to Meridian and Eagle, and lastly they need to carry liability insurance in case of an accident.

The most common mistake is the second item which is most drone pilots do not hold a BOI airspace FAA waiver and are actually flying illegally, which can come back on you as the client, costing you your video or photos. The Class C airspace extends over all of Boise, most of Meridian, and as far as Eagle. Flying UAS’s commercially anywhere within this controlled airspace is illegal, without a waiver from the FAA.

We are proud to meet all of the legal standards in offering our drone services to clients.